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Type LX and type MS


The mill to micro spheres employee comes in today the sectors of market where for a fineness of grinding is asked and accordingly a quality of superior product. 
The mills to micro spheres are so called in operation of the spheres of dwarfish diameter that they constitute the fundamental elements of it. 
The machine is essentially constituted by a cylinder full of micro spheres set in whirling movement through a tree to multiple endorsers, and in which is forced to pass upward from the lower part, through a pomp, the product to be refined. This last, predisposed through agitators to high speed, it crosses the various layers of action of the endorsers, it is gradually refined by the micro elements and it escapes in continuous after being passed through a filter. 
The operation of the mill to micro spheres founds him on the principle, of the high power of dispersion and the strong productive ability obtainable with bodies that grind of small diameter, submitted together with the mass by to disperse to a fast and violent movement in which the points of bump and friction are multiplied at the most.

All of our mills in fact they foresee the versions normal, watertight estate and to pressure, always offering the optimal answer to the applications of the client. 
All the cylinders are easily interchangeable and absolutely independent from the structure of the machine, this facilitates the operations of management of the machine of maintenance and of change of the product.

The pressure version of the mills to micro spheres allows a more elevated percentage of filling of the cylinder of grinding, that is translated in a greater ability to grind and a taller volume of production. 
Such model allows to work products to high stringiness (max. 50000 cps) and with elevated way of pigments.

The execution to watertight estate is proper for products of more elevated stringiness of those of the products worked with the standard mills and is particularly suitable for products very volatile solvent containers.

The mills to micro spheres LX with mobile cylinder are assimilable to the models MS as it regards their use, therefore they allow a high productivity and they are proper for products characterized by high stringiness. Besides it is possible to automatically open the cylinder and a rapid system for the substitution of the endorsers it makes it extremely flexible in the changes of product. 
This type of mills results to be particularly suitable for the refinement of pigmented pastas.


The Mills are sold with rooms of grinding by 1 Lt., from 10 - 15 Lts., from 30 Lts., from 60 Lts., from 120 Lts. and from 250 Lts.



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