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Environment and ecology


To satisfy the applications of the normative ones, the firms have called to install fittingses of ventilation, aspiration, purification of the water and the air from dusts and polluting substances. The Bart-technology S.r.l., that plans and it builds fittingses and machines of trial for the industry of the elegant chemistry, it now proposes to his clients integrated solutions that directly allow the treatment and the purification of the water and the air on board machines or systems of aspiration with fans and centralized filters and nets of projected to integrate themselves to the best in the productive plant, guaranteeing efficiency of purification and limited maintenance. 

  •   Groups filter to dry for dusts. Ability of treatment from 500 to 100.000 mc/hs; 

                to panels with room of deposit; 
                to cartridge with system of washing cleaning pneumatic;
                to sleeves with system of shaking cleaning automatic mechanic 
                to every turning off of the fan. 

  •   Groups of washing to double room with system future and towers of washing countercurrent with bodies of filling. It persuades of treatment from 500 to 30.000 mc/hs.
  •   Groups filter to active carbons for absorption evaporates of solvents and odors of various nature. It persuades of treatment from 500 to 8.000 mc/hs. 
  •  Aspirant Cloaks with filter HEPA from laboratory with body in anti-static plexiglass.  
  •  Nets of aspiration complete of automatic valves of regulation you on purpose flux air and projected aspirant cloaks. 
  • Aspirant Arms of the articulated type with rubber bands and frictions of balancing. 

       * Centrifugal fans to simple and double aspiration, for low, averages and tall prevalences.

Brought by 500 to 80.000 mc/hs-Pressures from 50 a1200s mm H2O.




For a more effective action against the dispersion of vapors of solvents and odors in environment of job, we suggest an easy protection to apply on the tanks and on the grounds that they work without cover. The cover for mixers and tank are formed from an anti-static polyethylene film hung specific and they represent an excellent solution to cover containers open of every dimension; they have found wide use in the industry of the varnishes that they use to a large extent open containers to effect operations of mixing type batch. 
The open containers set a series of problems what for instance: 
- the dangerous atmosphere created by the evaporation of the solvents that composes the varnishes; 
- or the film that is formed on the surface of the varnishes when they enter to contact with the air that must have removed adding more solvent. 
The use of the cover for mixers has resolved these problems finding wide consent in our clientele. 






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